Those Were The Days – These Are The Days

Acts 28:17-31 – These Are The Days TOPIC In the final scene of Acts, Paul teaches a sermon to a group of assembled Jews about salvation, the coming of the Messiah and the establishment of His Kingdom. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Acts 28:17-31     Proverbs 30:4     Jeremiah 14:8     Jeremiah 17:12-13     Matthew 5:44     Luke 6:32     Hebrews […]

Those Were The Days – Peter, Peter, Sermon Speaker

Acts 2:14-24 – Peter, Peter, Sermon Speaker Peter delivers the Church age’s very first sermon ever, rooted in Scripture. listen to the audio read the transcript “Second, Peter prioritized certain things and did not prioritize others. He didn’t spend a bunch of time talking about the experience they had just witnessed. Instead, he spent his […]