Those Were The Days – These Are The Days

Acts 28:17-31 - These Are The Days


In the final scene of Acts, Paul teaches a sermon to a group of assembled Jews about salvation, the coming of the Messiah and the establishment of His Kingdom.


Acts 28:17-31     Proverbs 30:4     Jeremiah 14:8     Jeremiah 17:12-13     Matthew 5:44     Luke 6:32     Hebrews 10:12


“There is no magic method, verse, series of phrases or questions that will guarantee someone will receive Christ. These people were steeped in the Old Testament – they were faithful Jews – they had voluntarily come to hear Paul that day and they listened for 12 hours and still some did not believe. Sometimes we think, “Well if I was a better preacher or had more knowledge,” or, “If that person heard a great evangelist, then they’d get saved.” Listen: We’re called to grow in our knowledge, but even the great evangelists of history didn’t turn every heart. Because it is a heart issue. In the end, a person must make the choice whether they will taste and see that the Lord is good, whether they will take refuge in Him or face eternity alone.

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