A True Beginning – The Garden State (Genesis 2:4-25)

Genesis 2:4-25 – The Garden State TOPIC God brings man and woman together in the Garden of Eden and along the way shows how lavish and generous He is in His many gifts toward humanity. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Genesis 2:4-25     Deuteronomy 30:19-20     Isaiah 58:11     2 Peter 3:6     Revelation 22:1-2 FROM THE MESSAGE “At the same time, […]

A True Beginning – Special Agents In Charge (Genesis 1:26-2:4)

Genesis 1:26-2:4 – Special Agents In Charge TOPIC In His final act of creation during the first week, God makes something special – human beings – who would administrate the world as His representatives. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Genesis 1:26-2:4     Mark 2:27     Colossians 2:16 FROM THE MESSAGE “Even those who aren’t worried about the environmental aspect sometimes […]