A True Beginning – Special Agents In Charge (Genesis 1:26-2:4)

Genesis 1:26-2:4 - Special Agents In Charge


In His final act of creation during the first week, God makes something special – human beings – who would administrate the world as His representatives.


Genesis 1:26-2:4     Mark 2:27     Colossians 2:16


Even those who aren’t worried about the environmental aspect sometimes wonder if having kids in an evil world is a good idea. On the individual level, the answer is: You should only get married and have kids if that’s what God wants for you, whether the world is good or bad. But, on a philosophical level consider this: God gave Adam and Eve this command knowing just how bad the world was going to be. After all, these were the two people who brought sin and death into the world. But God has sufficient grace, power and victory for our families, no matter how bad the world is.

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