Those Were The Days – Law Don’t Go ‘Round Here

Acts 15:1-21 – Law Don’t Go ‘Round Here TOPIC The church has its first council in Jerusalem to decide the issue over whether Gentiles must obey the Mosaic law in order to truly be Christians or even be saved. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Acts 15:1-21     Galatians 2     2 Timothy 3:5 FROM THE MESSAGE “Take note: These were […]

Those Were The Days – The Pigs Are All Right

Acts 10:9-23 – The Pigs Are All Right TOPIC God works in the life of Peter to bring him out of legalism and into a greater experience of grace while also building a bridge to the Gentile world. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES Acts 10:9-23 FROM THE MESSAGE “The Bible says you have liberty in Christ and that […]

Straight Outta Egypt – Worship While You Work

Exodus 35-39 – Worship While You Work Israel gets to work and finishes building the Tabernacle where they would enjoy worshipping God listen to the audio read the transcript “Moses, representing Israel, refused to let God withdraw. He set up his own makeshift Tent of Meeting, urging God to manifest Himself. God relented and agreed […]

Straight Outta Egypt – How The Rest Was Won

Exodus 31:1-18 – How The Rest Was Won While assigning the work of building the Tabernacle, God established the Sabbath as a day of rest for Israel listen to the audio read the transcript “It always starts with a man, or a woman. God “calls” a person to the task at hand. God chooses someone; […]

Straight Outta Egypt – Father Knows Rest

Exodus 23:10-19 – Father Knows Rest The Lord gives Israel a calendar that stipulates a weekly rest day, annual feast days, and regular rest years listen to the audio read the transcript “It was a rest that required them to trust in God. It might be their land, and it might be on account of […]

Straight Outta Egypt – Mountain Do’s And Don’ts

Exodus 20:1-21 – Mountain Do’s And Don’ts From Mount Sinai the Lord speaks aloud the Ten Commandments listen to the audio read the transcript “Let me just point out something regarding those who insist we must keep the Sabbath: I don’t know any sabbatarian who puts this commandment to its full intent by demanding we […]

First Serve – Seventh Day Adventurers

Mark 2:23-3:6 – Seventh Day Adventurers The Pharisees are furious that Jesus and His disciples push beyond the traditional boundaries of the Sabbath day observance. listen to the audio read the transcript audio en español notas en español