A True Beginning – Father Abraham Hadn’t Any Sons (Genesis 11:27-12:9)

Genesis 11:27-12:9 - Father Abraham Hadn't Any Sons


We begin the story of Abraham, the friend of God, the father of the faith, who had a bit of a rough start in his walk with the Lord.


Genesis 11:27-12:9     Joshua 24:2     John 14:22     Hebrews 13:15


Abram did not receive this call from God in Haran, but back in Ur. This changes things significantly. It means that God spoke to Abram, giving him this clear command, but Abram did not obey – not really or at least not fully. He obeyed one half of one third of God’s commands. He didn’t leave his father’s house or his relatives. He did go from their land, but not to the place God was showing him, instead they stopped part way at a place that was just like Ur. We don’t know how much Abram told his family, but it seems they all had a meeting and decided to move together. But this is not what God had asked.

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