Psalm Sundays – I AM…Is On My Side…Yes He Is! (Psalm 124)

Psalm 124 - I AM...Is On My Side...Yes He Is!


The psalmist invites us to remember that the LORD is on our side.


Psalm 124:1-8     Joshua 5:13-14     Matthew 28:20     Romans 8:31     Galatians 4:4-6


“Listening to the stories being told, someone -perhaps a child – might wonder about times in Israel’s past in which the Jews were defeated, and he’d captive. Was God on their side then? David acknowledged that often Israel was caught, like a bird in the snare. This refers to the many episodes in Israel’s national history in which the LORD found it necessary to discipline the nation. It only came after much warning, urging repentance. ”

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