Those Were The Days – Rookie Of The Year

Acts 16:1-5 - Rookie Of The Year


Paul brings Timothy onto his team but first this remarkable young man is told he must be circumcised.


Acts 16:1-5          1 Corinthians 9:20     Philippians 2:20     1 Timothy 1:9, 18     2 Timothy 1:2, 6  3:15


“When you’re driving in your car, maybe headed somewhere important or maybe not important, maybe just somewhere you want to go, and an ambulance comes up behind you, lights and sirens on, what do you do? You pull over. You set yourself aside in an effort to save life. That’s the idea. I may be on my way somewhere, but when a siren goes off, we’re potentially talking life and death. So compassion trumps my convenience.”

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